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Welcome to "Anerada"

ANERADA is the name of the hotel where you are. According to mythology, Anerades Aneraides or identify with the nymphs of the sources and the region have a different name: Wives, Kalomira, goodies, air, anemic, Ethereal ...

The most famous of Anerades are small fairies who love to relax under the trees, especially under the chestnut trees and love the song and dance. Indeed, the myth that older men should not sit under the shade of chestnut, because the fairies will get their minds.

These Anerades the mountain bearing the blue mist of history, the deep green of fir, the white snow, purple luxury, warm brown wood, the red of fire and match harmoniously in the palette when painting the hotel ANERADA Kalavrita.

"Home is where the heart is" the English say, and this is the moto ANERADA hotel, which nestles in the welcoming embrace of Helmos aims to steal your heart and make you feel at home.

The hotel is for travelers ANERADA - retreatants from crowded cities to carry sticks and skis in their luggage to imprint their presence on the snow but also to those who 'carry' expectations enylomeni wellbeing in a tasteful and ambient room a beautiful ride on the cog in a thrilling "dive" in a shocking past and a very attractive now. Embroidered handicrafts throughout the hotel and carefully selected furniture gives a tone of authenticity combined with austere luxury.

Room Features

Ξενοδοχείο Ανεράδα
  • Direct dial telephone
  • aperioristo free internet
  • bathroom with shower or bath
  • toiletries
  • individual slippers
  • refrigerator mini bar
  • air conditioning (summer)
  • hair dryer
  • safe
  • fire protection system
  • Fireplace (second floor rooms)
  • orthopedic pillows
  • Bathrobes (suites)
  • balconies overlooking
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